Monday, April 27, 2009

1 week

monday means back to reality and i am not happy about it! this weekend was ridiculously fun. friday was definitely my favorite day of the famous spring weekend here at UConn. we spent the entire day playing drinking games outside at our friends apartment. they had a DJ playing from the day into the night and it was definitely the place to be. it was just one of those experiences that will define my time here at college. warm weather, friends, and complete happiness. it finally has hit me that this is the last week of classes and i'm sad at how quickly this semester has gone by. but i'm so excited for this summer in Boston and on the Vineyard. and of course, senior year is going to be amazing. one more year with no real responsibilites = heaven.

Numero May 2009, Anja Rubik

listening to: Kid Cudi - Boom Boom Pow Remix (download this now!)

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