Monday, February 16, 2009

just another

back to the grind after a very eventful weekend. valentine's day was spent seeing Coraline in 3D, which was amazing, but definitely not a children's movie (i'll admit i was creeped out by a lot of things), wasting time in Walmart and TJMaxx, and going out to dinner for sushi and then a brownie sundae after. gotta love cheesy holidays to appreciate the one you love.
yesterday was a lazy day to catch up on work. and... i cut myself bangs! i'd been thinking about it for awhile and finally decided to bite the bullet and do it. i love it and so far all of my friends have complimented it too...but everyone thinks i look like a different person. they'll take some getting used to.

we heart it, Agyness Dean

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MLE said...

Yes, your hair looks amazingggg